My approach is anchored in a quest of identity and in the process of individuation. This quest is spiritual and goes through my memories, my flow in time and my transformations. My gesture is narrative, repetitive, possibly in a cathartic and esoteric finality. My work resonates with Kandinsky’s theory evoking that shapes and colors activate the process of contemplation of the soul and the body. I give importance to chromatic rhythms by exploiting the depth of space and the materiality of the shape and color, while remaining in simplicity, sensitivity and fragility.

Optics and movement play a breathing role in my works. My color gradation technique echoes the one of the pointillists. The eye treats the optical illusion and mixes by itself the colors of each thread that I lay. The threads are both my pigments and fragments of the individual and the collective memory. The screens are layers of memory. Like the spider and the monk, I obey my instinct, letting myself be guided by the unconscious. I am involved in the process of a physical gesture, a gesture that could be pursued until infinity. Thus, time is an element that runs through my artworks as if I experienced a synchronization with an infinite and indefinite space. I deconstruct the light by superimposing and juxtaposing threads that create hallucinating optical effects according to the movement of the viewer. In a new experience of light, the viewer switches to another reality, “between the threads of their soul”. Being constantly invested in a quest of light and inspiring myself wildly from Mother Nature, where I often find answers to optical and chromatical questions, I try to introduce myself between the dimensions of the visible and the invisible.

My artwork is inhabited by transparency, even silence. It delimits a relationship of space and its environment. I wonder about the duality between art and architecture in order to create relationships between the work and its environment, as much outside as inside. I aspire to introduce architecture to a new reality by modulating spaces with optical and light effects, therefore transforming the fields of perception.

My approach aims to make the viewer vibrate and allow himself to live an ambulatory process around the work so he can enter in his personal meditative space. He can now connects to the space between the visible and the invisible. He now goes through unknown emotions and does not devote himself to decrypting my intention. My desire is to reach people’s memory and soul.